Olympic Fun and Aussie Online Pokies

There are multiple ways to combine your Olympic fun and Aussie online pokies entertainment during the Olympics season. You can get tickets to Brazil, play your pokies while your watch the Olympic competitions on TV or identify websites that allow you to make bets on your preferred Olympic games. Whatever your choice, you’ll have all the access that you need to experience the thrills of the Olympic Season.

Ancient Olympics

To the ancient Greeks, athletic prowess was pleasing to the gods. The Greeks believed that the gods looked kindly on humans who showed them honour through strong bodies and feats of strength. Over 2700 years ago the Greeks created the Olympic games in honour of Zeus, king of the gods. They staged their games every four years in southwest Greece near a city call Elis.

People came from all over the country to watch the games. During Olympic season disputes and even wars between different regions would be suspended in order to allow travelers to travel to and from the games in safety. Most of the Greek Olympic sports involved foot races, chariot races, wrestling and javelin throwing but there were no gymnastics, water sports or any of the team competitions that are so popular today.

Modern Olympics

The Greek Olympic games continued for almost one thousand years but the festivities, which were of great importance to Greek pagan worship, were outlawed by Emperor Theodosius in 426 A.D.  Theodosius was concerned about allowing a celebration of pagan gods to continue as Christianity spread and he decreed that the Olympics would have to end.

In the 18th century sporting events in Europe were established with the goal of bringing the Olympics back to life but it wasn’t until 1894 that an International Olympic Committee was created to restart the games in a global context.  The first games were held in Athens and included wrestling,  cycling, foot-racing, sailing, fencing, swimming, weightlifting, shooting and gymnastics.

Right from the beginning an Olympic Village was built and accommodations were established for the spectators. Some spectators simply came to watch the games but others used the opportunity to place bets and win payouts.

As the Olympics grew in popularity, the options to bet on the games increased as well. Many bookmakers in locations around the world took bets on everything from predictions of who would win, who would place and who might come in last to which games might be cancelled due to the weather or other forces. Bookmakers such as Ladbrokes and William Hill looked forward to the Olympics as a time of big business while around the world, work, family  and neighborhood betting pools created an atmosphere of fun and excitement at Olympics season.

Gambling Online

Gambling has now moved online and with it, gambling on the Olympics. Ladbrokes and William Hill do a large portion of their business online and many of the other sportsbooks offer Olympic gambling every four years. Sports fans and other gamblers have found that the convenience of placing wagers and collecting on wins on a PC or mobile device outweighs the advantages that are involved of betting from a brick-and-mortar environment.

Online players have the same wagering options as their land-based compatriots. They can wager on their prediction of which team or competitor might take first, second or third place in an event. They can bet on other things too – injuries, doping scandals, feuds, etc. They have the same types of points spreads as do players who gamble offline.

Some of the sportsbooks Olympic betting tips include:

  1. Pay attention to all of the players. It’s common to pay attention to the most popular players because those are the individuals who are popular and whose highs and lows are covered most often by the media. However many players achieve the best results by concentrating on the underdogs. They bet on how they think that these players will place and, in doing so, have a better chance to win. You may not win the kind of large sums that you’d win by picking the winner, but you still come out ahead. If you do this consistently, in the end, the payouts will be significant.
  2. Take a few hours to attend the wagering seminars that are offered as complimentary tutorials by the big sportsbooks and casinos. The seminars include sessions that give overviews of the basics of sports wagering, insider information about teams and the athletes and how tos about placing bets.
  3. Pre-determine your budget for wagering on the games and stick to that budget. Regard the gambling as an entertainment expense and don’t expect to win every time that you bet. In the same way that spend a couple of hundred dollars when you go out on the town, your betting budget should be within that kind of framework, both Olympic gambling activities and other gaming pursuits.
  4. Place your bets on less-popular sports such as tug-of-war, wushu and rackets. When you have a lower level of competition, your changes to achieve better results rise.

Home Gambling

Players can combine their Olympic gaming activities with their regular online pokies gambling entertainment. The online casino offers a wide range of the best pokies including sports-themed pokies such as Centre Court (tennis), Basketball Star, Cricket Star, Rugby Star and Football Star. There are also other pokies options ranging from games with themes of magic and mystery to pokies with plots that revolve around intrigue, romance, travel, animals, suspense, science fiction, mythology, mysticism and whimsy.

When you play pokies online you have the advantage of playing in a venue in which, in addition to your regular game payouts, you also receive special bonuses from the casino. The casino offers these types of bonuses based on your status. So, for instance, if you’re a new player you will receive casino cash plus match credits during you first week of casino entertainment while if you’re a veteran player you’ll receive Loyalty Points that you can redeem later on for valuable casino give-aways.

Olympic season is a time in which you can combine the Olympic Fun and Aussie Online Pokies.