Northern Territory Commissions Gambling Harm Survey

Northern Territory Commissions Gambling Harm Survey

The Australian government has been amending laws and policies in relation to gambling in the country. The aim is to reduce the harm that gambling has on Aussies. Hence, the Northern Territory is rolling out a survey that can help them better deal with gambling harm.

The survey will be carried out by the Menzies School of Health Research and Roy Morgan Research. The purpose of the survey is to look at the risks, patterns and harms that gambling has on the health and wellbeing of the locals. From the research, the Northern Territory governments plan to come up with policies and systems that will help in minimising gambling harm.

northern territory gambling harm survey commences

Moving Towards Public Health

As we have mentioned there has been scrutiny and changes to the gambling laws to help deal with gambling harm. The changes lean more towards safeguarding the health of the citizens of the Northern Territory. Dr Stevens, Menzies’ project manager and senior researcher, has said that understanding of the harm that is related to gambling becomes crucial day by day.

The idea is to understand the harm imposed on the player as a result of their gambling habits. It is also to understand whether other people’s gambling is more important. Other aspects that the survey will look into is the third party’s indirect harms from their gambling habits on the player.

The other focus of the survey will be on the attitudes that Northern Territorians have towards gambling.

Funding for the Northern Territory Survey

The Northern Territory Government Community Benefit Fund will be responsible for the funding of the survey. About 5000 Northern Territorians will be interviewed starting in October until December. The two-research companies will summarise the findings for the local government. Once completed, it will be available for public reading from the websites of the Northern Territory Government of Attorney-General and Justice and Menzies.