NSW Gambling Clubs Initiate Third-Party Exclusion

NSW Gambling Clubs Initiate Third-Party Exclusion

In most cases as a gambling addict, you can never admit that you have a problem even when the people around you make you aware. There are also family members who have wanted to help their addicted loved ones but never knew how to do it.

The State Government and the NSW Gambling Clubs (Clubs NSW) have signed a memorandum that will allow families of gambling addicts to help their loved ones. This plan is called the Third-Party Exclusion Plan. Read on below to find out how the program works.

Clubs NSW initiate the Third-Party Exclusion plan

How the Third-Party Plan Works

According to the Clubs NSW executive manager of public affairs, Josh Landis, if a person with a gambling addiction is nominated by their family to be assessed and treated is found to have gambling problem behaviour, they will be banned from local clubs. This action will be done even though the person in question has not applied for self-exclusion. He added that this plan could further help in curbing problem gambling levels.

Another thing that is noted on the plan is that family members can make this request anonymously and this will help the person with a gambling problem to get professional help.

The Long Battle to Make the Plan Happen

Clubs NSW has been requesting the state government to implement the Third-Party Exclusion plan for ten years. It was due to the legal and ethical issues surrounding the plan and how they need to be approached. However, Mr Landis has said that the club will be working with the State Government to change the current legislation to make it easier to help and protect those who are in a difficult situation.

There are also critics, such as the Alliance for Gambling Reform’s executive director, Tony Mohr, who said that there is no evidence showing that this plan will work. He went on to say that people with a gambling problem hide their gambling activities from their families. This makes the family the last to know about the problem. However, he has said that he would rather there be more changes to the gambling regulation on clubs to be responsible in protecting gambling addicts.