8.6 Million Aussies are Taking Part in Lottery and Scratchie Gambling

8.6 Million Aussies are Taking Part in Lottery and Scratchie Gambling

Even though we know that Aussies love their poker machines. They also have an interest in playing lotteries and scratch cards. Findings show that the total number of gamblers have dropped in the past 15 years. However, the tickets for lotteries and scratchies has remained constant with 8.6 million Australians buying scratch cards and lottery tickets.

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The Decline in Lottery Tickets

Even though the number of participants for lotteries and scratchies combined has remained stable, lottery alone has dropped. Three years ago, the number was sitting at 7.9 million, and it has since declined to 7.7 million for the year ending in June 2018. Australians were buying tickets for Monday, Wednesday, Saturday Lotto, Oz Lotto, Powerball and other kinds of lotto tickets.

However, the decline is because the number of Aussies who were buying the Monday, Wednesday, Saturday Lotto tickets has gone down from 5.7 million to 0.6 million. The other reason for the decline came from fewer sales of the Powerball tickets which went down from 3.6 million to 0.2 million.

Increase in Other Forms of Lottery Tickets

The buying of Oz lottery tickets has increased from 0.4 million to 3.3 million. Other forms of lotto tickets such as Cash 3, Lotto Strike, Supper 66, Keno and Pools have also experienced an increase in sales. The number was sitting at 0.1 million participants and has gone up to 0.9 million participants.

The scratch cards are also experiencing a decline over the past three years but in the year ending June have increased. The previous three years the number was at 0.2 million and has now gone up to 3 million.

The Lottery Research

The research was done by Roy Morgan, and the report has a more in-depth look at the lottery. The study was done by conducting personal interviews with thousands of Australians in their homes. For more, you can read the summarised report here, or if you are keen to purchase the full report, you can also do so. In the report, there is a link that will direct you to where you can make the purchase.