Mermaids Millions Online Pokies 

When you play Mermaids Millions online pokies you’ll enjoy multiple opportunities to maximise wild symbols, scatters, free spins and the fun of the Treasure Bonus Round to win real money payouts. When you play Mermaid’s Millions you descend to the ocean depths for an interactive gaming experience that plays out right on your laptop or desktop PC or on your smartphone or tablet mobile device. Join the lovely mermaid and her aquatic friends for this real money adventure of casino entertainment and cash prizes playing one of the best, fun-filled online pokies.


The notion that half-woman, half-fish creatures exist beneath the ocean’s surface has fascinated people for thousands of years in many different cultures. Archaeologists have discovered texts from Phoenicia, the ancient nation of seafarers, in which Phoenician sailors write about seeing such beings and even worshipped them under their merperson god Dagon. Mer (sea) people are mentioned in Babylonian mythology which recounts stories of the god Ea who had the torso of a man and the lower body of a fish. Ea later morphed into Greek mythology where he was referred to as Oannes but was still believed to be half-man and half-fish.

Some of these cultures revered the merpeople while others were revolted by them. Some pirates of the Middle Ages believed that seeing a mermaid signalled disaster but others searched for mermaids avidly as they considered them to be kind and amiable. Even Christopher Columbus reported seeing mermaids near present-day Haiti which gave rise to New World tales of mermaids in the Caribbean.

Today the subject of mermaids has become popular in modern literature and art. Some of the world’s greatest painters and sculptors have used mermaids in their renditions and mermaids feature in both children’s and adult poetry and other writings. Gamers, too, are fascinated with the subject of these creatures, specifically as beings which bestow luck and good fortune on anyone who glimpses such an individual. The Microgaming developer meets this interest with its Mermaid’s Millions pokies which allows gamers to combine legends that have grown and tell the story of mermaids who lead their human friends to treasures laying at the bottom of the sea with real money gaming entertainment.

Mermaid’s Millions online pokies present all of the attractions of a casino adventure that you can access on our gaming screen from the comfort of your own home. Players enjoy a technologically-advanced gaming adventure that features bright, vivid illustrations of the sea, gold, coins, jewels and the beautiful mermaids themselves as they intermingle with mesmerising melodies and line up on enabled paylines to generate generous payouts.

Play Mermaids Millions

It’s not only literature majors who appreciate the imagery that can be found in mermaid-inspired poetry and art. Little Mermaid, which is a classic piece of literature written by Hans Christian Anderson, had been originally geared towards adults. Anderson used symbolism to reflect Greek mythology, man’s fascination with the sea and the relationship between fantasy and reality.

Today those fantasies play out in real time at the online casino where you can play Mermaids Millions pokies on your Internet browser, at the Download Casino or at the Mobile Casino. Regardless of your gaming device, you simply need to click “spin” to start the reels spinning. The game features 15 paylines and your goal involves matching game symbols across the paylines. When you achieve three matching symbols on a payline that you’ve pre-activated with a deposit, you trigger a winning payout.

Mermaids Millions pokies online symbols include the agile and attractive mermaid herself, stern Neptune - King of the Sea, a chest of jewels, shimmering gold coins, glittering gems, a friendly seahorse and a kindly clam who clutches a white pearl. The game also features traditional playing cards of Tens, Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces of hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades.

Wilds and Scatters

King Neptune, the Roman god of the sea, is the game’s Wild. The King Neptune symbol serves as a Wild and substitutes for other symbols to complete winning paylines. Whenever the King Neptune symbol becomes the third matching symbol on a payline, the payline is formed and the slot machine pays out the win. Three King Neptune symbols, displaying on the same payline, form a Wild Reel which pays out a  Wild Reel payout value.

The Mermaid is the game’s Scatter. When 2 Mermaids appear on a spin, in any position on the reels (not necessarily on an enabled payline and not necessarily on concurrent reels) they create a scatter combination.  When a scatter combination is formed it triggers a scatter combination payout which is calculated by multiplying the bet that was placed on the spin that activated the scatter win by the scatter payout.

Free Spins and Bonus

Mermaid’s Millions has garnered top awards due to its intriguing storyline, vivid images and PC and mobile pokies bonus games. Bonus games include Free Spins and a Treasure Bonus Game. Mermaids Millions players are welcome to play both of these game bonuses.

When three scatter symbols appear in any pattern during a regular game spin, the Free Spins game begins. You’re given ten free spins and if you achieve wins on the free spins you’ll collect your wins with a 3x multiplier.  If three simultaneous Mermaid’s Millions Logo symbols appear during a free spin, your Free Spins round is reactivated. The new number of Free Spins is then added to your remaining free spins.

The Treasure Bonus Game is launched when three or more treasure chest symbols appear together on the reels during a regular game spin. In order to activate the Treasure Bonus Game one symbol must appear on the first slot reel of an activated payline. The Treasure Bonus Game displays 12 sunken treasure chests. You choose treasure chests — the number of treasure chests that you select is determined by the number of symbols that triggered the game. Payouts are determined by the chests, with each chest presenting its own individual payout. The prizes, based on the total amount of chosen treasure chests, determines your win.

Dive into an underwater adventure of fun and excitement with the Mermaids Millions online pokies, available for Flash, Download and Mobile Casino gambling entertainment.