Lucky Koi Online Pokies

No Japanese garden is complete without a pond of koi. The koi fish represent a peaceful environment where the homeowner can enjoy a relaxing break from the pressures of the outside world. You will also be able to experience restful entertainment when you play the Lucky Koi online pokies on your laptop or desktop PC or on your mobile device.

You can explore the symbolism of the enchanting koi fish as you line up koi and other game symbols on the slot machine paylines and compete for real money prizes. The Lucky Koi Aussie online pokies is available as a free game which you can play for no deposit in the casino’s Free Mode or as a real money Aussie pokies online that you can play for real in the Real Mode.

Sign into the Australian online casino today and prepare for a fun-filled casino event that’s full of Lucky Koi and lucky cash.


Koi is a type of carp. These fish exist as plain grey fish and as brightly-coloured, ornamental fish. They are valued by the Japanese who call them “Nishikigoi.”  Japanese fish-keepers have taken to referring to the fish as “Koi” which is an expression of affection that means “love” in Japanese. Koi fish are prized as expressions of adoration and devotion.

Koi are kept in fresh-water ponds and pools. The vivid colours of black, red, white, blue, yellow and cream koi create a rainbow of imagery in the water gardens where they live. One variety of koi, the Chagoichanges colour – its colours range from light brown to subdued orange to copper or bronze to pale olive green. The chagoi is prized as a large, friendly and docile fish. Owning a chagoi is considered a sign of good luck among koi enthusiasts.

Although koi are generally regarded as Japanese fish, in truth gardeners and other individuals around the world are fascinated by koi and add them to their ponds to brighten up their outdoor areas. Online gamers can also explore the beauty of these fascinating fish as they engage in meditative contemplation and channel the luck that the koi bring when they play Lucky Koi online pokies at the Australian online casino.

Playing the Game

Lucky Koi slots is a five reel, 25 payline and 250 coin pokies that bring you into the soothing atmosphere of a genuine Japanese garden. Once the reels start to spin you’ll see red and white koi fish swimming gently through the water, water lilies, water turtles, frogs, dragonflies and Asian icons which include representations of silver and gold teapots.  gold coins and fans.

You are free to enable as few or as many of the 25 paylines as you wish but only those paylines that have been enabled with a deposit before the reels start to spin will pay out if a winning combination is formed. Therefore, casino advisors suggest that you activate as many of the paylines as possible before the game begins.

Special Symbols

The Lucky Koi Logo is the Wild which functions as a Wild Symbol, substituting for other symbols to form completed paylines. So, for instance, if your spin results in an activated payline on which two red koi appear along with a Lucky Koi Logo, the Logo will take the place of the third red koi symbol and you will have completed the payline. Multiple logos create their own completed payline.

The Grail symbol is the game’s scatter. Three or more grails complete a scatter combination and pay out the scatter combination payout. When a scatter combination forms the Lucky Koi bonus game launches.

Bonus Games

You can play one of two online pokie bonus match games. The bonus games include:

  1. The Free Spins game – In the free spins game you receive up to 30 free spins. Free spins wins payout with a 5x multiplier value. Free spins can be reactivated during the bonus games, so if three or more Grail scatters emerge, scattered on the reels in any position during the Free Spins, you’ll receive extra free spins. The number of extra free spins that you win is determined by the number of free spins that you won originally. The multiplier value for the extra free spins remains the same as the original multiplier value
  2. The Koi Bonus Game – In the Koi Bonus Game you are presented with 12 koi symbols. You are entitled to choose a random number of koi and the bonus win amounts that are hidden behind the koi that you chose to become your bonus game payout. These win amounts have been multiplied by your total bet amount and you receive the total of all of the revealed bonus win amounts.  Bonus game paylines and bets are the same as those of the spin that activated the bonus game.

Casino Promotions

Lucky Koi is one of the biggest payout pokies at the Australian casino, but you can still increase your take-home wins by applying casino bonus promotions to your gambling event.

For new players, the casino offers a rewarding Welcome Bonus of match bonus gaming credits. You collect this Welcome Bonus during the first week of casino membership on your initial deposits. Through these match credits, you double your real money gambling activities without adding any more deposits.

Veteran players collect Loyalty Points for their casino gaming, with the number of Loyalty Points that are distributed based on the number of games that you play, the amount of time that you play and the value of your deposits. You can redeem your accumulated Loyalty Points for casino giveaways including for free spins on your favourite slots, cashback deals, higher deposit and withdrawal limits and – for big stakes players – vacation packages and luxury gifts.

The casino features monthly themed draws and contests and other types of bonuses for VIP gamers and competitors who test the new game launches.

The Lucky Koi online pokies brings luck and good fortune to your gambling adventure when you play at the Aussie online casino.