Join the Great Tournments at CoolCat Online Pokies Casino

If you’re looking for a great place to play pokies online, CoolCat Online Pokies Casino is likely the place for you.  Hurry and register: in time for Christmas they’re giving a No Rules — No Wagering Requirement pokies bonus of 350%.  This is in addition to the unbelievable Cool Cat new player bonus offer of up to 1000% in a single bonus.

Every Type of Game

Cool Cat has a big assortment of great games.  Most gamers begin with pokies.  We call the casino CoolCat Online Pokies Casino because of its big selection of pokies and because each one is a delight to play.  In addition, the free spins you get in the bonus rounds are known far and wide as the source of an amazing number of excellent jackpot wins.  You can see all the most recent winners proudly announced on Cool Cat’s home page.  With some luck, your casino nickname will be there too.  Perhaps several times!

Table Games

At Cool Cat, you’ll find all the classic table games such as roulette, craps, baccarat, and blackjack.  The casino also offers such unusual games as Pontoon, Sic Bo, Red Dog, and Pai Gow poker.

Teach and Learn

One of the biggest benefits of playing at CoolCat Online Pokies Casino is that they teach you how to play every game so you never feel swamped with esoteric decisions.  The teaching courses are very clearly written.  In addition, for blackjack they actually provide a strategy card!  At any brick and mortar casino, you’d never try to play with a strategy card.  Out you go!  But Cool Cat actually does its best to help you win!

Video Poker

This game has in the last few years seemingly found a heretofore missing audience!  More and more gamers are flocking to video poker. First, it provides all the gaming fun of poker but without the pressure of dealing with bluffs.  The rules are quite simple but each variation presents its own intellectual challenge.  Second, the payout percentage for video poker is generally quite high.

A Rocket Ship of a Bonus

The Cool Cat new player bonus is unlike any other.  You sign up to play and make a deposit.  At this point, the casino gives you $100 to play pokies with for five days.  Your bonus is factored by how much you win in those five days.  If you win $100, your bonus is 100% of your deposit.  If you’ve been lucky and you’ve won $1000 your bonus is 1000%!


Cool Cat sponsors daily, weekly, and monthly pokies tournaments.  The rules may vary from tournament to tournament so they provide very clear instructions for how to join and play.

You Can Be a VIP

There are two ways to become a VIP at Cool Cat Casino.  you can make a $500 deposit or you can accumulate comp points.  In either case, anyone can become a VIP at Cool Cat.

The benefits of being a VIP are amazing.  There are five VIP levels.  Even in discussing their VIP programme, the sense of humour that permeates this casino comes through.  Each VIP level has an odd name and a kind of mascot.  The Cheddar level is a mouse; Dodger level is a dog; Bouncer level is a cat with aviator sunglasses; the cat at the CoolCat level wears a top hat; the cat in the CoolCat Elite level sports a diamond ring bigger than his head! Almost!

Each level has its own set of rewards so shoot for the top!  One of the best VIP promotions is a set of deposit bonuses from 210% to 690%.  The difference is in the games you’ll play with your bonus money and the play through requirement.  For some bonuses the play through requirement is nil! For others, it’s a very reasonable 30x.

Great Customer Support

You can reach the casino on a 24/7 basis.  VIPs have their own support network; just another good reason to become a VIP at CoolCat Online Pokies Casino.

Safe Banking

The people at Cool Cat take pride in offering numerous banking choices in addition to credit and debit cards.  The banking procedures are also explained in clear terms.  Withdrawing is usually more involved than depositing because the casino wants to be absolutely sure that you are you!

Every time you deposit or withdraw, and whenever you have money sitting in your account, encryption software works to keep your private information secret!

A Growing Casino

CoolCat Online Pokies Casino is growing fast.  Soon they’ll add more games in all categories, especially pokies but not exclusively so.  They know that many devoted gamers who love pokies, and relish the free spins that come their way often in Cool Cat’s pokies, also sample the many other games on offer at Cool Cats.

Cool Cats also has plans to introduce Cool Cat mobile casino.  Then you’ll have the convenience of mobile casino gaming alongside the playful and humorous approach to gaming that is the hallmark of Cool Cat Online Pokies Casino.