Alex Woolf


SongCycle Premiere at ENO

Nicky Spence and a whole host of fantastic opera singers are cycling from Glasgow to London – a ‘Song Cycle’, geddit? – to raise money for the brilliant Help Musicians UK. I was delighted to write them a jingle to help them along the way! They recorded it for Classic FM; the video of this can be viewed below. I’m thrilled that, as they end their epic journey by riding into the Coliseum, my little offering will get its live premiere on stage at English National Opera.

I couldn’t be more excited – ENO’s been my opera-going haven for as long as I can remember, so it’s a huge honour to be just the tiniest part of that place for a day! But most importantly: please help raise some funds for this amazing cause! Help Musicians do really great work, and this is such an enterprising/gruelling venture! If you can spare some cash, simply donate here: